Working Distance of Objective Lens (mm)
For non-listed oil immersion objective lenses, select 'Enter custom working distance' and enter value in mm. If the working distance of your objective lens is unknown, consult the manufacturer website.
Coverslip Thickness (μm)
High NA objectives are optimized for use with 170 μm (#1.5) coverslips.
Specimen Refractive Index

Enter the refractive index of the specimen and the mounting medium.

Distance from Coverslip to Specimen (μm)

Specify the typical distance between the coverslip and the middle of the specimen (i.e. half the thickness of your sample).

Temperature (°C)
Enter the estimated temperature at the sample.
Excitation wavelength (nm)
Enter the primary excitation wavelength for the experiment. If the experiment has multiple channels, consider using the longest excitation wavelength.
Recommended Refractive Index

The recommended Refractive Index of Immersion Oil is shown here.

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