As the world navigates the greatest public health crisis in recent memory, the biopharma industry has taken a leading role in fighting COVID-19. How can we measure our ability to deliver on not only this challenge, but others that are to come?

In collaboration with Longitude, a Financial Times company, Cytiva has developed the Global Biopharma Resilience Index. This index uses survey response data to rank biopharma capabilities and resilience in 20 countries, scoring each on five factors critical to meeting global demand during a public health crisis:

• Supply chain resilience
• Access to talent
• Strength of the R&D ecosystem
• Quality and agility of manufacturing processes
• Effectiveness of government policy in supporting the industry

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What key insights have the Global Biopharma Resilience Index revealed so far?

In summary, recent data shows there is work to be done to secure supply chains of the future — the biopharma industry is currently underperforming across all five of the critical areas measured in the index. Learn more about how scores are determined for each of these pillars and key insights from experts in each area