Emmanuel Ligner
President and CEO, Cytiva Group Executive, Danaher Biotechnology Group

Emmanuel Ligner has deep roots in biopharma, leadership and engineering. He’s driven to bringing transformative health to patients through researchers, hospitals and the pharmaceutical partners of Cytiva.

He’s been the President and CEO of Cytiva since July 2017, when it was known as GE Healthcare Life Sciences. He led the company to more than 7% revenue and 13% operating profit growth. In 2021 he was appointed Group Executive of the Danaher Biotechnology Group, consisting of Cytiva and Pall Life Sciences, which is within the Danaher Life Sciences Platform.

Emmanuel joined GE Healthcare in April 2008, following its acquisition of Whatman International Plc. His career has spanned many continents and business areas that experienced massive growth under his leadership - from heading up the North America BioProcess business to the Commercial part of Life Sciences across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and holding the position of General Manager of Core Imaging (now Pharmaceutical Diagnostics) until he was named President.

His biopharma journey started in Japan in 1996, when Emmanuel joined Otsuka Pharmaceutical International Ltd as a Medical Representative in Tokyo. He stepped into various roles, and in 1999 became Marketing Director, Diagnostic Division and later Commercial Director, Diabetes Care Division for Abbott Diagnostics.

In 2004, Emmanuel moved to the UK to become Vice President, Sales & Marketing Europe for Whatman International.

Emmanuel is a French citizen and earned his Master’s Degree in Commercial Engineering at L’Université Savoie, France.