Xcellerex™ [ex-cell-er-ex]

Proven single-use technology for biomanufacturing. It’s in the bag.

There’s no question that keeping up with today’s biomanufacturing demands is challenging. Any product being considered for the lab should meet one (or more) of these requirements: drive efficiency, assurance, or flexibility. At Cytiva, we believe you should have all three. Meet the Xcellerex™ platform. Arguably the father of single-use technology, these systems deliver all three with a proven product, proven technology, and proven provider. So whether you need to make a 50L batch, a 2,000L batch, or have to do three batches this week, Xcellerex™ systems will get you where you need to go today – and where you need to be in the future.

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Single-use v stainless steel