We aim to develop Cytiva’s innovation pipeline by working and partnering with the best external organizations and innovators available to us.

Partnering with external organizations enables Cytiva to access and develop technologies which in turn allows us to support our customers to discover, diagnose and manufacture new medicines. We recognize the wealth of innovation available within the external scientific community and continue to actively seek value-enhancing opportunities across our areas of interest.

We also have a broad patent portfolio available for licensing that spans many different technologies, reagents and, methods. Please see our out-licensing page for more information.

2020 Innovation accelerator program
Connect With Us

Do you have a novel idea, or do you know of a technology or product that you believe would be of interest to Cytiva?

Are you interested in one of our patented technologies or would you like to understand how our manufacturing experience can benefit you?

If yes, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact our Licensing Team. All initial submissions should be non-confidential.