Cytiva offers customized and integrated solutions for process chromatography, membrane separation, oligonucleotide synthesis, and related equipment including tanks and slurry vessels.

Custom systems can be fully customized, or they may be based on standard systems and modified to fit your application needs. Custom systems are controlled by UNICORN, DeltaV™, or other industry standard control software, offering you a flexible choice to meet the specific needs at your manufacturing site.

Cytiva also designs and builds customized columns, in any dimension and for any pressure, including equipment for easy column packing. When special chromatography media are required, our experts can offer a solution with customized chromatography media.

When a chromatography step becomes part of your manufacturing process, your choice of system, column, media, and supplier is critical to ensuring optimal, consistent performance. Cytiva has more than 20 years of experience in designing solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacture. Over 90% of all biopharmaceuticals on the market today are manufactured using products from Cytiva.

For more information about custom chromatography media, please contact your local Cytiva representative.