Partnering with external organizations plays a key role in helping Cytiva access and develop technologies, which in turn enable its customers to discover, diagnose, and manufacture new medicines. We recognize the wealth of innovation available within the external scientific community and continue to actively seek value-enhancing opportunities across our areas of interest.

Learn more about our ways of working in our video presentations.

We also have a broad patent portfolio estate covering a range of assay technologies, reagents, and methods available for licensing. Please see out-licensing for more information.

Our Approach

Our approach to partnering is based upon nurturing an open, flexible, and collaborative environment where knowledge and resources are shared. Some of the advantages to working with us include:

  • Our deep understanding of the hurdles associated with commercializing intellectual property at all stages of development – we can bridge the translational gap from idea to commercial product.
  • Our commercial presence in over 100 countries and R&D sites throughout the world - partners can benefit from our local market knowledge and global resources.
  • We can offer tailor made alliance arrangements — we understand that no alliance is the same and consider each parties’ motivation and goals when formulating an appropriate agreement.
  • We encourage innovation and offer investment opportunities outside of traditional licensing - see the Options for Collaboration tab below for more information.
  • Our focus on solutions and quick decision making — often, the ideas that Cytiva receive require further input and/or resources to enable a better understanding of whether they are suitable for investment. As a result, Cytiva has set up an Innovation fund. This is a resource we can deploy to help us quickly evaluate opportunities and enable fast decision making.
Options for Collaboration

We have many long-term relationships with both industrial and academic partners and support a wide range of alliance types in our areas of interest including:

  • Technology Evaluations
  • Research Collaborations
  • Patent and Product In-licensing
  • Product Acquisitions
  • Out-licensing
  • Beyond acquisition, partnership or licensing relationships, Cytiva also considers direct funding of start-up companies through our GE Ventures business.

We are flexible in our approach and work with new potential partners to reach an agreement that combines our strengths.