We understand that magnetic particles often need further processing before they are ready to use. Cytiva offers a range of standard formats to cover the widest application base, but we welcome the opportunity to offer additional value to our customers wherever possible. Our team of scientists and manufacturing staff are always available to listen and work with you to provide more personalised magnetic particle solutions that fit seamlessly into your workflows, often saving you time and money in the process. We aim provide product that is ready to use with little or no need for further modification allowing you to focus on the science that matters.

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  • Concentration - We can provide particles over a wide range concentration to meet specific needs
  • Formulation – Changes to buffer composition, containers, dispense volumes
  • Conjugations – We are happy to take on custom conjugations for customers who would prefer to receive a functionally active bead. We also have a range of custom ligands that we can work with and develop in parallel with your projects
  • Custom particles – Sometimes, existing particles are not quite right. We can help with more customised solutions for size or perhaps different functionalities that are not offered in the standard range
  • Validation - Gathering data for validation activities, batch to batch consistency, performance, buy specifications etc. is often time consuming. We can help reduce this burden, allowing you to focus on the activities that matter. We can provide historical batch data, share technical insights and studies that we have performed an work on new projects to support your activities and are very happy to discuss magnetic particles whenever the time is right

We focus very strongly on the customer relationship and work closely as a team to share progress and optimise outcomes, our collaborative approach means you are always in the picture. If you have any questions or are interested in a personalised solution, why not get in touch

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