We understand that your specific needs for certain products may fall outside of our standard configurations, formulations, and concentrations. In addition to our catalog products we offer a custom product configuration service for changes to formulations and blends, concentration modifications, and scalable pack-size modifications from lab pack to bulk.

With this in mind, we can customize a comprehensive range of protein and nucleic acid sample preparation, labelling, and detection products with a proven track record of performance and reliability. If desired, we can incorporate these products into the manufacturing of kits that you design.

For high-throughput applications that consume large volumes of reagents, our custom bulk products - including nucleotides, labeled amidites, enzymes, and CyDyes - deliver standard performance with lot-to-lot consistency ensured.


Examples of custom reagents

CyDye fluorescence reagents

A group of bright stable dyes offering a choice of labelling for most RNA/DNA/Proteins.

  • Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, and Cy7
  • NHS esters, labelled nucleotides & amidites
  • Bulk packs, higher purities & change notification requirements
  • Free from DNase and RNase
  • Greater than 99% triphosphate purity
  • Buffer-free and ready to use solutions in multiple formats
  • Functionally tested for long PCR and sequencing
  • For PCR and other applications
  • Bulk dispensing, packaging, and shipping
AutoScreen 96-well plates
  • Filter plates containing DNA Grade Sephadex G-50
  • For purification of sequencing reactions and other size exclusion applications
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