Working with industry, Cytiva has developed experience and expertise within drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and the latest cellular technologies. Our continuous commitment to Research and Development has resulted in the development of hundreds of innovative products and an extensive portfolio of patents and patent applications.

We are pleased to offer many of these technologies for licensing and commercial use through our out-licensing program to help you to achieve your desired objectives.

We offer a wide variety of formats for licensing agreements that can be tailored to suit your individual commercial requirements and provide access to the relevant patents and technologies that benefit you. Financial terms for any license are dependent on scope, field, and any other obligations Cytiva may have to other third parties. If you need a license (e.g., if you wish to commercialize a product or service incorporating a Cytiva patented or trademarked technology), require a list of patents in a specific area, or information relating to any patents identified that are owned by Cytiva, please contact us.

Cytiva continually reviews its patent portfolio to identify candidates for out-licensing. Examples of technology areas where we have patents available for out-licensing are listed below.

We have a broad patent portfolio spanning a range of stem cell related technologies including, but not limited to, cellular compositions, culturing and expansion methods, differentiation protocols, and uses of stem cells and stem cell-derived cells in various non-therapeutic assays.

Typically, if you are an organization wishing to develop, manufacture and sell stem cell derived products, or are wishing to develop and use stem cell derived products for screening and testing, then it is likely you will require a license from us*. Full patent listings for each patent family are available on request.

*If you purchase products from Cytiva’s range, you are automatically granted the license rights to use such products in the designated field with product purchase. No additional licenses from us are required.

Isolated from jellyfish, Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein (AvGFP) is one of a family of fluorescent proteins that are widely used in biological research. With its performance enhancing mutations, AvGFP is a well-established tool for monitoring live cellular events and interactions.

Through various strategic alliances, Cytiva has combined the intellectual property for a range of GFP applications, reagents, and tools to reduce the number of licenses that you require and giving you access to this technology without fear of patent infringements.

Highly fluorescent and water soluble, the benefits of our CyDye fluorescent dyes have been demonstrated in many areas within life sciences including microarray analysis, two-dimensional electrophoresis, blotting, immunoprecipitation, and high throughput/high content screening.

Our CyDye labeled nucleotides are ideally suited for labeling RNA and DNA probes, oligonucleotides, and other nucleic acids. In addition, our CyDye DIGE Fluors are specifically tailored for use in two-dimensional fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis. With intense, spectrally distinct and bright colors, the dyes have narrow excitation and emission bands and are size- and charge-matched, making them ideal for detecting protein abundance differences for multicolor analysis.

CyDye is a registered trademark owned by Cytiva. If you would like to sell CyDye fluors or CyDye DIGE fluors, or incorporate them into a commercial product, please contact us to discuss a license.

Screening of potential drug candidates in their ability to affect key cellular parameters is an essential aspect in the drug development process. Cytiva has developed a number of cell function assays to support this process including cell cycle, complementation, GPCR, and toxicology assays. Please contact us for more information

Over the last 30 years, Cytiva has developed a number of DNA sequencing methods and reagents that are available for licensing. Please contact us to receive our full patent list.

Cytiva has a portfolio of products and technologies available for licensing developed to facilitate the collection, extraction, preparation, analysis, and purification of nucleic acids and proteins from crude sources such as blood, tissue, cells, and bacteria. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Our expertise and product offerings in bioprocessing applications mean that we have generated a large patent portfolio covering a range of chromatography methodologies. Anyone wishing to apply these methods in a process that does not utilize Cytiva chromatography resins will require a separate license*.

*Customers purchasing chromatography resins from Cytiva automatically receive the right to practise these patents as they are included in the product purchase. No additional licenses from us are required.