Last Updated: 27 Sept 2021

Standing up Cytiva - The Executive Summary

Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that help advance and accelerate the development of novel therapeutics. Cytiva has more than 6,000+ associates and operations in 40 countries.

Cytiva, formed in 2020, is a standalone operating company in the Danaher Corporation.

As a trusted partner to customers that range in scale and scope, Cytiva’s technologies and services enable the development, manufacture and delivery of transformative medicines to patients.

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The following resources are here to help you understand what has changed and what stayed the same now that we are Cytiva. Since becoming Cytiva, we have communicated through the relevant channels used for the type of information (Change Control Notifications to subscribers, procurement channels, customer ordering /support channels etc).

What is the same

We remain focused on providing great solutions, products and services to you, our customers.

Here is a list of the main items that HAVE NOT CHANGED as a result standing up Cytiva:

  • Our quality management system
  • Processes for change control including change control notifications
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing locations
  • Equipment used in the manufacturing of our products
  • Products, Product specifications and drawings as such will not change even though brand name and/or logo will get updated
  • Product names
  • Product part/code numbers
  • Lot numbering system
  • Quality release claims
  • Terms of legal agreements
  • Your account teams and contacts

What has changed, and how does it impact me?

We continue to provide technologies and services as Cytiva since March 31, 2020

1. Our Cytiva brand

Product Labelling and documentation

As Cytiva, certain documents relevant to our products and services (e.g. Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Certificates, User documentation, etc.) have changed gradually. For example, when we changed Legal Entity names associated with some of our manufacturing sites, for a period of time, product documentation contained either the former or the new Legal Entity names.

The Cytiva brand name was introduced gradually in labelling and/or other product documentation such as Certificates, User documentation, as well as in software.

For a copy of the official Change Control Notification regarding branding changes, issued on 1 April 2020, please click here.

For a formally signed mixed branding statement from our Regulatory Support team, issued on 14 April 2020, please click here.

A few additional items to note:

  • Finished products in our warehouses are rotated on a regular basis using first expired, first out inventory management and will not be re-labelled.
  • Mixed branding on products will occur during the transition phase. For example:
    • product with new brand on label and old brand on packaging
    • instrument with new brand on label and old brand in software
    • shipment delivery with some products with new brand and other products with old brand
  • The changes in label and product documentation imply no difference in product performance data. Product quality release claims remain unchanged.

Examples of Cytiva-branded labels and certificates such as CofA or CofQ are posted here. In addition, examples have been shared via a Change Control Notification (CCN) specific to the product area.

To receive notifications about our products, please register for Change Control Notifications at our website:

Note: If you know the lot number of the product you can find the lot specific certificate here:

Certificate & Product Label Examples

Product Groups Sites Certificate & Product Label Examples
Single Use Assemblies Westborough, US Westborough, MA
  • Chromatography resins,
  • ReadyToProcess columns,
  • Prefilled columns,
  • Density gradient media,
    microcarriers and Biacore consumables
Uppsala, Sweden Uppsala, Sweden
All Cell Culture HyClone products
  • Logan, US
  • Pasching, Austria
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Tauranga, New Zealand
Cell Culture HyClone
  • Amersham Western blotting consumables
  • Whatman filtration products
  • Sera-Mag magnetic beads
  • HyClone sera and media products
  • Biacore consumables
  • • Chromatography consumables from ranges including Sepharose, Capto, Superdex, Sephadex, Superose, MabSelect, HiTrap, HiScreen™, HisTrap, HiLoad, HiPrep, HiScale, Tricorn, Source, Resource, StrepTrap, and SpinTrap
  • Amersham Place, Little Chalfont, United Kingdom
  • Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • Dassel, Germany
  • Tonglu, China
  • Logan, US
  • Pasching, Austria
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Uppsala, Sweden
Research consumable products

2. Legal Entity changes

In connection with its acquisition by Danaher, Cytiva undertook a series of legal entity restructuring steps. All of these changes have been communicated through our CCN process. Legal Entity changes can impact both our order documentation and invoices, as well as product labels and documents. Check for the latest legal entity in your country.

3. Web and email addresses

Our web address is and our employee email addresses are [email protected] Please ensure that the domain is not restricted by your system filters and update your contacts list accordingly. For the most recent Customer Service, Service and Scientific support contact details we refer to:

4. New Data Controller and Online Privacy Policy

We take our responsibilities about privacy and data protection very seriously and value the relationship we have with you. Cytiva will continue to process your personal data as before and as described more fully in our Online Privacy Policy at As a consequence of the transaction, it may be necessary for Cytiva to share some of your personal information with our parent company, Danaher Corporation, and its affiliates, for related business purposes. For more information, you can review Danaher Corporation’s privacy policy, available at

We are here to help – contact us

Thank you for your continued trust and support. If you have questions around our transition to Cytiva that you do not see answered here, this is where to find your nearest contact