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September 24, 2019

ÄKTA go launches for lab-scale chromatography

By GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Latest in industry-leading ÄKTA systems family enables researchers to get started with protein purification in minutes

Uppsala, Sweden – September 24, 2019 – ÄKTA go is the new, compact liquid chromatography system from GE Healthcare Life Sciences. It has been developed to support researchers in academia and biotech companies to achieve desired protein purity in a simple and reliable manner.

Scientists performing column chromatography with ÄKTA go

Photo: Scientists performing column chromatography with ÄKTA go

In research, there is often pressure to publish in high-ranked journals and to successfully reach the next project milestone. The increasing number of tasks at hand, budget constraints, and lack of adequate space in the laboratory can result in limited time and space for routine lab-scale chromatography. With the launch of ÄKTA go, GE Healthcare Life Sciences addresses the need to easily purify target proteins to the desired quality and advance the scientific research.

Christel Fenge, Head of R&D at GE Healthcare Life Sciences, says: “Our vision is to be a trusted partner for scientists all over the world and develop solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our latest chromatography system provides a seamless entry to routine protein purification, allowing researchers to invest their time in science to reach the next milestone faster.”

ÄKTA go features:

  • Routine protein purification fitted into a compact system, with a footprint of only 335 × 464 mm, to make the most of valuable laboratory bench and cold cabinet/room space.
  • Intuitive method creation in minutes and interactive process picture for full control and easy access to manual controls, also during method runs.
  • Proven design of ÄKTA systems and UNICORN™ software combined with prepacked columns and resins for reliable operation and trusted results in protein purification.

ÄKTA go is the latest addition to the ÄKTA chromatography system portfolio and builds on Uppsala’s strong heritage of protein purification. Sephadex™, the world’s first size exclusion chromatography resin was launched in Uppsala in 1959 and eventually led to the development of modern protein purification systems.

ÄKTA go is developed at GE Healthcare Life Sciences in Uppsala and will be commercially available towards the end of 2019.

Five facts about GE Healthcare Life Sciences in Uppsala

  • Has a 60-year heritage in protein purification based on world-renowned research and innovations from Uppsala.
  • Annually invests up to 70 million US dollars in production extension until 2022.
  • Has a comprehensive chromatography resin portfolio, consisting of more than 80 resins from capture to polish.
  • Is GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ largest site globally, with more than 1,200 employees.
  • Is the largest private employer in Uppsala.

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