December 06, 2016

Asked and answered your questions on Size Exclusion Chromatography

By Global Product Manager for size exclusion chromatography columns at Cytiva, Pia Liljedahl

During the webinar “Protein Characterization using Size Exclusion Chromatography”, attendees asked more than 90 questions. Åke Danielsson answered the questions from the two live sessions.

On October 26, 2016, Åke Danielsson presented the webinar, “Protein Characterization using Size Exclusion Chromatography.” After each presentation, Åke participated in a live question and answer (Q&A) session. There was not enough time to answer the more than 90 questions that were asked. Åke has answered those questions, and we have compiled them into an interactive document.

View webinar Q&As now.

your questions on Size Exclusion Chromatography