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February 02, 2017

Automating purification was a smart investment

By Abhijit Parkhe, Product Manager Lab-scale Chromatography Systems at GE Healthcare

Automation can make protein purification more efficient, and at the same time increase productivity.

Great time-savings and excellent return on investment

Dr. Shama Bhat is the Founder and MD of Bhat Bio-tech India Private Limited (BBI), a diagnostics kit manufacturer that adheres to the highest quality standards. Researchers at BBI purify mAbs, recombinant proteins, and venal antigens to use in their diagnostics products. Using a manual workflow, repeatedly achieving the same level of purity was a tough task. This approach was also very time consuming, as their R&D staff spent up to five hours on each run.

Dr. Bhat was one of the first buyers of GE’s ÄKTA start chromatography system. Using the automation features of the system not only proved to provide great time-savings, a better return on investment than expected was also achieved.

After just one week of training, all members of the BBI’s R&D laboratory staff were up and running with the system. ÄKTA start, installed with the UNICORN start software, allowed methods to be easily created, and once set up, methods could be reused. Minimizing manual intervention, automation features freed up time otherwise spent on monitoring runs.

Reducing run times to more than half, ÄKTA start contributed to an increased throughput by making multiple runs each working day possible. With a higher quantity of proteins produced per week, the system returned all the investment made in its purchase within one year of installation.

These were the very design goals with which we set out to create ÄKTA start and UNICORN start. To see how our products help customers succeed so spectacularly within only three years of launch gives us immense pleasure. We consider ourselves successful only if customers achieve their desired success using our products as tools.

Learn more from the BBI case study on how ÄKTA start can make your biotech company save time by automating protein purification while giving an excellent return on investment from here.

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