January 15, 2016

Avoid protein purification problems with the help of our interactive product selection tools

By Patti Cuevas, Senior Technical Writer at GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare's Life Sciences business has developed tools to help you efficiently find GE chromatography products that match your protein purification needs.

Why is it important to use the right chromatography product?

It may be convenient to use a chromatography medium from a bottle available in the cold room. And it may be tempting to shop for the lowest priced product. But have you thought about what can happen if you use a chromatography product that is not right for your sample type, target protein, and format needs? Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Poor separation of your target protein from contaminants
  • Loss of your protein to the column, in flowthroughs, or to extra purification steps needed due to poor separation
  • Incompatibility between the format and available equipment, such as between a column and a chromatography system
  • Failure of the product to meet your scale, capacity, and throughput needs

To avoid setbacks like these, it is worthwhile to select the right chromatography product before proceeding with purification. But this task may seem overwhelming with the large number of chromatography media, prepacked columns, and other formats for protein purification.

GE’s interactive product selectors simplify chromatography product selection

We have developed tools to help you efficiently find GE chromatography products that match your protein purification needs. You will be guided through a few simple questions that will help you to quickly identify the GE product(s) that will work well for your circumstances. The questions are designed around factors that are relevant to you, such as protein and sample characteristics, capacity and scale needs, and desired format (e.g., loose media, prepacked columns, or other ready-to-use formats).

Our interactive product finders work on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

These selection tools are responsive, which means that they will resize themselves for whatever device you are using them on. Depending on the size of your screen, you will answer questions by either selecting text in circles or using pull-down menus.

You can find these interactive product finders on our Protein Purification Information Base.

You might also be interested in trying the Purify App, our legacy interactive tool for selecting chromatography media and columns. It is available in Web, iPhone™, iPad™, Android™ versions.