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October 08, 2019

Raw material e-data: a recipe for biomanufacturing success?

By Gene and Eva

Raw material variability can sometimes cause problems in biomanufacturing. Gene has found a new way to stay on top of raw material variations, but his reward was somewhat unexpected…

Medicine maker cartoon on raw material data for improved consistency in bioprocessing

Looks like Gene got more than he had bargained for! On the plus side, the changes he has set in motion will ultimately help him and Eva to better understand, monitor, and control raw material variability.

The biopharmaceutical industry has historically been slow to implement digital technologies. But adopting a digital transformation, such as for the collection and analysis of raw material data, could modernize drug development and potentially revolutionize patient care.

Just look at Amgen, who has already taken this leap. Manually analyzing the 200 000 data points they generated every day was time- and resource-consuming. Here’s how they implemented digital and predictive technologies to accomplish in minutes what used to take hours.