December 18, 2019

Tired of resin lifetime studies? Here's an idea…

By Gene and Eva

Brain food or no brain food, Gene does come up with some bright ideas sometimes. This time he enlightens Eva with the smart solution to outsource resin lifetime studies to save time and money.

Medicine maker cartoon on outsourcing resin lifetime studies.

Well, Gene might just be avoiding work (and broccoli), but he’s actually on to something. Outsourcing chromatography resin lifetime studies can be a pretty smart move.

Resin lifetime studies are required to ensure that your resin columns produce consistent results throughout repeated cleaning and re-use. But as the name implies, lifetime studies are lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming to perform. Outsourcing can therefore be a great way to free up time for your process development staff.

With access to external chromatography experts, there’s opportunity to get more out of your resin as well. And with improved efficiency comes reduced costs and faster timelines. So, Gene’s right. It is a smart move to outsource.