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January 30, 2019

Cell therapy: new beginnings, old challenges?

By Gene and Eva

There’s a new Gene in cell and gene therapy…and he is not too thrilled about it. He should be though! Join our medicine makers as they dive into the exciting world of stem cells, CAR T-cells, regenerative medicine, and more.

New cell and gene therapy challenges for medicine makers Gene and Eva when they enter the regenerative medicine area

Uh-oh…new year and new beginnings for Gene alright. Maybe a bit too new by the look on his face as he reviews the “To-do” list. Gene might feel like he’s back where he started, but really, he’s embarking on an exciting new cell and gene therapy adventure!

Unlike bioprocessing, cell therapy manufacturing requires processing of intact living cells. This adds complexity, so the industry is crying out for innovations in manufacturing. Also, as the cell and gene therapy industry evolves , we need new ways to efficiently scale these processes from today’s small-scale production.

The growing demand for cell therapy treatments means we need flexible solutions to produce therapeutics in a standardized system that is capable of both scale out and scale up. One way to solve this is by combining automation with a modular approach to manufacturing.

Gene’s world is about to change. He needs to carefully consider the science, product quality, patient safety, and regulation of all processes in this new field. Perhaps it’s time to go on an advanced cell therapy technology course ?