December 01, 2021

Success story: wherever you are, we’ll meet you there

By Cytiva

A research lab in Slovakia couldn’t wait for an ÄKTA™ chromatography system installation. With our OptiRun™ View remote solution, they didn’t have to.

Marcin Nadolny

Marcin Nadolny
Bioprocess project leader

Our latest customer success story comes from Marcin Nadolny, a bioprocess project leader from Cytiva, who was tasked with installing a new system at a research lab in Slovakia. The customer had purchased an ÄKTA pure™ protein purification system from a distributor, but pandemic-related travel restrictions were still in effect — it would be a long time before an engineer would be able to install the system in person. “In fact, in Slovakia, customers can wait up to 1 to 2 months to have a field engineer on site,” Marcin says, because the closest engineers would have to travel from Poland or Austria.

Marcin instead scheduled a remote installation using our OptiRun™ View augmented reality platform. Not every installation can be done remotely, but in this case — a relatively simple process in a non-GMP research lab — the solution made sense, and it would enable the customer to start using the system right away.

Marcin sent instructions for the customer to unpack and connect the ÄKTA pure™ instrument and computer before the installation session. When that was done, Marcin installed the UNICORN™ control software remotely, using OptiRun™ Assist to log into the system. He then used the OptiRun™ View platform to guide the customer through connecting components, setting up buffers, purging the system, and running a performance test to confirm the installation was done correctly.

With a strong internet connection and no technical issues, the installation was complete in only two hours.

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