June 09, 2021

Success story: Cytiva service team steps up for vaccine makers

By Cytiva

A COVID-19 vaccine hub in Korea needed 32 chromatography instruments on an accelerated timeline. Find out how our OptiRun™ Service Solutions team tackled the problem.

YongGu Lee
Field Service Engineer

Jung Yong Suh
Field Service Engineer

Jong Kwang Oh
Field Service Engineer

Jin Soo Kim
LS Service Zone leader

GiHyeon Jin
Field Service Engineer

When vaccine manufacturers in Andong, Korea, asked us to supply and install equipment they needed to scale up COVID-19 vaccine production, two things were clear. First, the deadline was tight. Second, our service team would do their best to meet it.

We worked with the customer to design a thorough plan to perform site acceptance testing, installation, and qualification (IQOQ) of 32 instruments in ten weeks.

To deliver on our promise, five passionate Cytiva field engineers went to work on site at Andong as a core team. Aware of the limited timeline, they tried their best to use time wisely. They communicated closely with the customers on instrument delivery, positioning, and site readiness. The engineers also worked closely with each other, sharing their challenges and creative ideas daily and weekly to develop best practices for efficient work. And, when these efforts weren’t quite enough to close the gap, the engineers also worked on weekends to meet the tight deadline.

“Although the project was a challenge, the team tackled it with their full heart,” says Jin Soo Kim, Local Territory 2 Leader at Cytiva Korea. “I think the belief that they were contributing to helping end the COVID-19 pandemic played a key role in their commitment.”

At Cytiva, we know that your success is also our success. By both measures, this project was a win. The team completed the project on time, and the customers were extremely satisfied.

Your work deserves reliable equipment that’s ready to perform on your timeline. To learn more about how Cytiva’s OptiRun™ Service Solutions supports your success, visit us at https://www.cytivalifesciences.com/en/us/support/optirun-service-solutions.

Andong 5 AxiChrom

Andong 2 Xcellerex