July 26, 2021

From reactive to proactive: rethinking equipment service

By Cytiva

Life-saving therapies. Crucial medications. Groundbreaking results. Your work has the potential to improve lives worldwide. When we set out to define Cytiva’s service philosophy, we asked how we can best support that work. Here’s what we came up with.


Reaching your goals takes time, care, and focus. Distractions in the form of equipment malfunction, unexpected downtime, and installation or removal logistics siphon energy away from your goals. At Cytiva, we’ve designed OptiRun™ Service Solutions with the aim of giving some of that time and energy back to you. Instead of a reactive break–fix approach, we aim to provide proactive maintenance, optimization, and staff support, from day 1 until you’re ready to retire your instruments. We call it LifeCycle support.

Your success is our goal

We see the sale of Cytiva equipment as the beginning of our relationship with you, not the end. Your Cytiva systems and equipment have life cycles that range from 2 to 20 years, depending on the instrument and its use. No matter what your goals and needs are, OptiRun™ Service Solutions are aligned to optimize your work for the duration of your equipment use.

Optimize equipment

How can you ensure continuous performance of your systems? Are there ways to extend the life of your equipment?

We help you answer those questions, and we apply the answers to your instruments with pinpoint precision. Just as a doctor attends to your day-to-day health as well as any unexpected ailments, we aim to provide both preventive maintenance and expert diagnostics, so you get the most out of your equipment over the course of its LifeCycle.

Optimize your outcomes

We often say that the keys to success are equipment, people, and processes, and our 360-degree approach is designed to support all three.

Equipment: Troubleshooting. Optimization. Routine maintenance. That’s what we do every day, for so you can focus on your work. We maintain 110,000 systems for labs and companies all over the globe.

People: With our support, your team can focus on driving progress rather than troubleshooting technical issues. We give it our best, so you can spend time on what you do best.

Processes: Your success should not be hampered by equipment issues. Our service team makes sure your equipment is running optimally, so you can have one less variable in your process.

Be part of something good

You know that progress has no borders and that the future rests on the next generation of researchers. How can you help promote the next generation’s innovations? When your equipment is ready for an upgrade, we’ll help you donate it to an underserved scientific institution through our partnership with Seeding Labs.

We know your success has the power to effect real change for millions of people, us included. We’re committed to helping you bring therapeutics to market faster — after all, we’re also your customers. Read more on our service philosophy from Sonia Glace, Global Marketing Leader at Cytiva.