March 18, 2020

Why You Need Spare Parts On-Hand

By Cytiva

Imagine you’re working around the clock to meet an approaching production deadline. Just as you start the last day of the run, you see an “error” code...

A critical component needs to be replaced. After daily use in a years-long development process, the piece has worn out.

Without the right spare parts on hand, you risk failing to achieve your operational, scientific, and financial goals. Your employer faces delays and the real-world repercussions of a slower speed to market. If your equipment is not operating properly, the years of effort contributing to this breakthrough are wasted and the resulting potential accomplishments can’t come to fruition.

Investing in on-site spare parts mitigates the risk of lost uptime, resources, and scientific promise. Future-proofing your lab with spare parts is one of the wisest strategic decisions you can make, and we want to support you in this critical effort.

Investing in spare parts drives uptime

Custom parts might take weeks or months to produce, leading to devastating delays and reduced productivity. These issues are potentially magnified by increased shipping and installation wait times.

Our team strongly recommends customers purchase critical and recommended spare parts for their equipment. Investing in the right spare parts ahead of time prevents the need for expensive emergency service calls and eliminates the immense cost of missed work. Having custom spare parts on hand at all times decreases the risk of unexpected downtime and strengthens your financial, scientific, and operational outcomes.

There’s a science to determining which components you need on hand in case of equipment failure. The mission of the trained professionals at Cytiva’s Parts Advisory is to mitigate risk and optimize your equipment — you benefit from their analyses and expertise. This strategic partnership means you can worry less and focus on your work more.

Why purchase Cytiva spare parts?

OptiRun spare parts are a strategic investment for competitive labs that want to strengthen their performance and productivity. To optimize your outcomes, scientists not only need to invest in spare parts, they need to invest in the highest-quality parts that complement their Cytiva system and adhere to strict compliance standards.

High quality

Cytiva specialists enforce a rigorous quality management process. From supplier selection to manufacturing specifications and delivery, our team brings the highest level of standards to the process. Every detail is designed and executed for longevity, performance, and optimal use as an integral part of your Cytiva system.

Strict compliance

Our spare parts are built with compliance and transparency in mind. Customers receive material certificates with documented details for full traceability. All components have been manufactured in compliance with regulatory standards. All product-contact components are USP <88> class VI and CFR 177. Our complimentary Change Control Notification service automatically contacts you with statements of changes in materials or manufacturing.

Strategic performance

We design our parts specifically to be complementary to our systems for efficient functionality. Third-party components, by comparison, can compromise workflows due to quality issues or misalignment with Cytiva equipment, leaving your team stranded without the tools they need to succeed.

At Cytiva, we bring the same level of expertise to each component that we bring to the equipment at large. By maintaining the highest standards from production through parts replacement, we empower customers to change the world with their research.

To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your lab, reach out to one of our consultants. Together, we can prepare your lab for continuous positive outcomes with strategic spare parts.