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May 31, 2019

Can digital switch off the biopharma manufacturing lights?

By Gene and Eva

Hey! Who turned the light out?! Gene and Eva may be wandering in the dark…but not aimlessly. Their achievement of lights out manufacturing in biopharma may seem futuristic, but by integrating digital we can get closer to this reality than we think.

Biomanufacturing cartoon on automation and digital solutions for the biopharma industry

Gene and Eva sure deserve that holiday. Factories that run “lights out” are fully automated and require no human presence on-site. OK, this might not yet be a complete reality in biomanufacturing, but digital manufacturing is a reality that will change the industry.

So, what’s digital in a biomanufacturing environment? It’s the connection of machines and data, applying remote monitoring solutions, advanced modeling, and optimization of manufacturing processes. Biopharma industry 4.0 can offer improved process reliability and product quality through the unlimited possibilities of connecting machines and data.

Digital manufacturing increases efficiency and speed for sure. It also minimizes process variability caused by humans. Biopharma has been slower to adopt automation than other industries, but, continues to find ways to reap the benefits of embracing digital transformation. Plan for more time at the beach by integrating digital in your biomanufacturing environment.