July 01, 2019

If you fail to prepare…prepare to fail

By Gene and Eva

Keeping up with your preventive maintenance routine is crucial to avoid revenue loss due to unexpected downtime. In this month’s cartoon, medicine makers Gene and Eva feel like they have it all figured out. But how prepared are they really?

Bioprocessing cartoon on preventive maintenance

Phew! It wasn’t Gene and Eva’s facility that had a meltdown…this time. It does seem like they are at risk too though. Maintaining your facility and equipment in optimal working order should be a priority not only for your process, but also for the safety of your employees.

As every second counts in biomanufacturing today, equipment maintenance is critical. Yes, downtime in the facility for a maintenance health check can sometimes seem time consuming. But these service checks are more likely to give you a higher rate of uptime by reducing the occurrence of unexpected failures.

To minimize unexpected breakdowns and support documentary proof of maintenance, you must keep your equipment properly maintained. Learn how you can potentially mitigate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue loss.