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November 26, 2018

Raw material, risk, and rough interrogations

By Gene and Eva

Medicine makers Gene and Eva found out the importance of transparency between them and their raw material supplier the hard way. Here’s why understanding and controlling raw material variability is so critical.

Medicine maker cartoon on understanding raw material variability in bioprocessing

Aha! No wonder Gene and Eva got variability in their results. Mice living in the cell culture ingredients just don’t make for great bioprocessing results. A more open communication between Gene and Eva and their supplier could definitely improve their management of raw material and process risk.

Variability in raw materials present high risks to the success of bioprocesses and products. Manufacturers and suppliers must address issues immediately to understand, monitor, and control raw material variability across the biopharmaceutical value chain—from raw material suppliers to patients.

One way to achieve increased supply chain visibility is to connect digital data platforms between suppliers and manufacturers. This provides seamless data access between parties. Discover how digital bioprocessing can support control of raw material and product quality in the biopharma industry.