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June 09, 2016

Select, copy, paste: 3 steps to convincing chromatography data

By Olivier Friker, UNICORN Product Manager at GE Healthcare

Can’t decide which data to use or how you want it to look? That’s no problem with the latest version of control software for your ÄKTA system. The simplified user interface lets you select the data you want, then copy and paste it into your document. If you change your mind, it’s easy to select different data or change how you show the same data.

New evaluation module – faster and easier

For version 7 we really focused on making it easier to see and work with your results. Often, you want to go back and change parameters. Then you want to display your results a certain way. This process wasn’t as user friendly as it needed to be. So we improved the evaluation module in this version of the software. The user interface is simpler, and it’s easier to work with the menus.

To start with, you might find it challenging to select the most meaningful data within a series of several experiments. UNICORN 7 allows you to quickly and directly view, identify, and then select the results that you want. After you have selected the data, there’s no need to go through multiple dialog boxes to make it look good, because all the functions are directly accessible. You can see immediately how your results will look, as you’re working with them.

The software has extensive capabilities for customizing views and layouts. This feature can help you to make information stand out and conclusions easy to draw. You can tile and sort chromatograms against two run parameters. You can also overlay or stack curves. And when you’re happy with how your results look, just copy and paste them into your text or slide editor. It’s that simple.

Visit our Web site for more information about UNICORN 7. Or watch one of our short tutorial videos on comparing results using overlay or tile view.