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April 16, 2019

Talent crunch in bioprocessing, lock up your staff…

By Gene and Eva

The bioprocessing talent pool seems to be draining faster than it’s filling up. As always, Gene thinks he has everything under control. But there are better ways to keep skilled staff than keeping them locked up.

Medicine maker cartoon on the talent crunch in the biopharma industry

Well, yes…the laser fence and shark moat are a bit over the top. After all, Gene’s just trying to retain key talent, even if it is in a rapidly expanding industry. When it comes to training though, Gene’s definitely on to something. Investing in your team with hands-on training in specialized bioprocess techniques is key to keeping skilled staff.

The talent crunch in the growing biopharma industry means you must develop a strategy to acquire qualified candidates. You also need a plan for how to keep them. Prepare a complete career development plan to assess each individual’s skills and ambitions. Then outline any existing gaps and offer specialized training.

Creating a company with a culture built on people development and meritocracy sets a solid foundation. It all starts with improving the capabilities of your employees and then strengthening their future confidence in your organization.