June 10, 2019

Viral vectors: restless and demanding?

By Gene and Eva

Manufacturing viral vectors, like many unchartered areas, can seem stressful compared to other biologics. But, as Gene finds out, there are easy ways to meet the challenges and live in peace with even the most demanding vector.

Medicine maker cartoon on viral vectors for gene therapy and biopharma

Wake up Gene! It’s just a dream. Bioprocessing viral vectors is actually not as demanding as it seems. New challenges can feel overwhelming sometimes compared with tried and true, but you can always find external support in developing a robust and scalable viral vector manufacturing process.

The interest in developing scalable and cost-efficient manufacturing processes for viral vectors is growing rapidly in the biopharma industry. This is because these vectors have proved useful in many areas, like gene therapy, vaccine development, and cancer treatment.

But there are of course challenges to be tackled as well. To find out more, you can learn from two real-life experts, Mats and Åsa, in this video series on trends and challenges when manufacturing viral vectors.