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November 24, 2016

Your protein purification questions discussed with GE Healthcare R&D scientists

By Lotta Hedkvist , Global Product Manager ÄKTA systems

ÄKTA club members who attended our first web chat had the opportunity to discuss their questions with our expert panel of scientists. In this post Lotta shares her experiences as moderator of this event and provides examples of some questions that attendees asked. Here you can learn about our first ÄKTA club web chat and view the web chat Q&As.

For our first  ÄKTA club web chat, we gathered some of our protein purification and ÄKTA system specialists. Our experts were Tuomo Frigård, Jon Lundqvist, Lars C. Andersson, Lena Nyholm, Jens Widehammer, and Dominique Dutaud. They were all set to answer questions from ÄKTA club members during the event. Some examples were: How can I purify a glycoprotein hormone? What product do you suggest if we want to purify a histidine-tagged protein expressed and secreted in a mammalian cell line? We are about to set up a UNICORN installation, and we would like to have some tips on how to set up the users. There were many more questions. You can read the questions and answers now or read on.

View web chat Q&As now.

Our first ÄKTA club web chat was held on September 28, 2016. I moderated the event, where attendees asked written questions related to lab-scale protein purification and ÄKTA systems. I handed the questions to our GE experts, who answered them during the live session. It was a good opportunity for ÄKTA system users to interact directly with GE Healthcare R&D scientists. I was amazed to see all the interesting questions submitted. It was great to find out what you are working with and what challenges you face. We prepared a document with the questions that were answered, plus a few additional ones that we did not have time to answer during the web chat.

If you missed the ÄKTA club web chat, if your question was not answered, or if you would like to learn more about what a web chat is, I encourage you to download the Q&As: Your protein purification questions discussed with GE Healthcare R&D scientists. The document includes a lot of useful information about protein purification and lab-scale ÄKTA systems.

Look for additional web chats during 2017.

Do you have additional questions? Feel free to continue the discussion about lab-scale protein purification and ÄKTA systems on our Discussion Forum.