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What is changing

As a result of coming together, we have reviewed the best way to streamline our policies and processes to drive efficiencies, maintain high quality and enhance the customer experience. Below are the key changes you need to be aware of.

Legal Entity changes

Cytiva and the Life Sciences business of Pall Corporation are undertaking a series of legal entity restructuring steps to bring the organizations together. These changes have been communicated through the regional customer notification process.

Information on updated Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), shipping rates and surcharges

As part of Cytiva and Pall Life Sciences coming together, we are updating our standard sales Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), shipping rates and surcharges from 1 May 2023 to enable the purchase of all products and services of the combined business under common terms.

  • You can find the new T&Cs here.
  • Information on shipping rates and surcharges here.

The new T&Cs will apply to all orders placed on or after 1 May 2023 unless there is a Master Sales Agreement or other negotiated agreement in place to cover the purchase.

What stays the same

To operate as one business, we are streamlining our policies and processes to drive efficiency, maintain high quality and enhance the customer experience. However, our commitment to providing quality products and services to you will not change at this time:

  • Our quality management system, processes for change control, change control notifications, product part numbers and quality release claims.
  • Our manufacturing processes, locations, and equipment.
  • The terms of our existing legal agreements with customers will remain in effect according to their respective terms until their expiry, termination or renewal.

Questions and answers

Is Pall becoming part of Cytiva?

Pall Life Sciences and Cytiva are both operating companies of Danaher Corporation and work closely with other Danaher operating companies, sharing the Danaher vision, mission and values. Because of Cytiva’s complementary portfolio and shared expertise with Pall Life Sciences, customers told us they wanted it to be easier to do business with both of us, using one system to transact through. As a result, Pall Life Sciences and Cytiva intend to come together on 1 May 2023 and will go to market as Cytiva.

Pall Industrial remains part of the Pall Corporation and an operating company of Danaher Corporation.

Who will lead the combined business?

Emmanuel Ligner is the President and CEO of Cytiva.

Why did you choose now to bring Cytiva and Pall Life Sciences together?

Our customers told us that working with one organization for all their biotechnology needs would be easier, so we listened. Bringing together two organizations like this takes time, and we carefully worked through the process to make sure it is as seamless as possible for our customers and associates.

Why did the Cytiva name become the name of the combined business

Both Cytiva and Pall are distinguished brands; Cytiva is a larger business with broad recognition and will be the combined organization’s company brand. To honor the strength and heritage of the Pall brand, Pall will transition to a product name for bioprocess filtration and a product brand for medical products.

How will customers be impacted?

Our customers will have access to a broader range of products, technologies and services to help them advance and accelerate the development of novel therapeutics.

What are the specific benefits for customers?

Cytiva and Pall Life Sciences have come together to better serve the industry. Our combined portfolio will provide our customers with a larger selection of industry-leading products to help them bring life-changing therapies to patients more efficiently.

Will any products be discontinued if there is any overlap?

Our combined portfolio and business strengths will better position the company for long-term growth. There are no plans to sunset any products at this time.

Are you expecting other Danaher OpCos to participate in this change?

Not at this stage, but we frequently review our business processes and digital solutions to improve quality, drive efficiencies, and improve the customer experience.

Is this part of Danaher’s larger strategy to focus on life sciences?

Our customers informed us that working with one biotechnology company for their needs would be easier, and we listened. We remain focused on delivering the tools and technologies that will help enable our customers to advance and accelerate the development of novel therapeutics.

How to get help

For more information about changes, and how they affect you as a customer, please visit the below resources:

  • Register here for email notifications when a new CCN is published.

  • You can find the Cytiva data privacy notice here
  • To see the most frequently asked questions and answers, visit the 'Questions and answers' section of this website
  • Ask our chatbot common questions
  • If you have questions about Pall and Cytiva coming together that you do not see answered here, for Cytiva customers, go to and for Pall customers,

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