Microcell vial filler
Start filling within 30 minutes. Set up with single-use flow paths, decontaminate and you’re up and running.
Status symbol
The Microcell’s intelligent status lights are for more than just alerts. A quick glance tells you exactly what's going on.
Touch screen
The Microcell’s touch screen gives you easy, intuitive access to input and initiate recipe sequences.
No glove ports
All of the usual reasons for human intervention have been designed out of the aseptic process.

Meet the Microcell™ Vial Filler

The Microcell™ Vial Filler is a closed robotic isolator for pharmaceutical vial filling which enables small batch flexibility and standardized manufacturing. Whether it’s making personalized medicines or clinical trial supplies, the Microcell is built for agility and fast changeover.


Robotic controls of the Microcell Vial Filler
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Microcell Hardware Unit
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