Hollow fiber tangential flow ultrafiltration cartridge for production-scale work, with a polysulfone membrane available in a range of pore sizes.

  • Sanitary design for production-scale applications.
  • Selection of UF pore sizes and lumen diameters.
  • 316 L stainless steel housings.
  • Efficient processing of thousands of liters.
  • Compact design with low hold-up volume.
  • Multiple cartridges can be manifolded into compact production systems.

Efficient and powerful production-scale ultrafiltration

ProCell Hollow Fiber Cartridges of 15 cm (6 inch) diameter are for large production-scale ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Containing up to 28 m² (300 ft²) of membrane area in a single, compact module, these cartridges are well suited to a wide range of bioprocessing applications.

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Product Product Name Price
UFP-500-E-154M Process Scale Ultrafiltration Cartridge 500000 NMWC 1 mm 120 cm (47.2 in) 16,100.00 USD Add to cart


UFP-500-E-152M Process Scale Ultrafiltration Cartridge 500000 NMWC 1 mm 62.5 cm (24.6 in) 12,100.00 USD Add to cart


UFP-30-E-152M Process Scale Ultrafiltration Cartridge (UFP-30-E-152M) 30000 NMWC 1 mm 62.5 cm (24.6 in) 12,100.00 USD Add to cart


UFP-10-C-154M Process Scale Ultrafiltration Cartridge 10000 NMWC 0.5 mm 120 cm (47.2 in) 20,600.00 USD Add to cart


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