HyClone 20% ethanol solution in single-use bags offers a convenient format for cleaning and storing chromatography resins in downstream bioprocessing applications.

  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facility.
  • Lot-specific certificate of analysis (CoA) for each lot produced.
  • Intended for further manufacturing or research use. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
  • 0.2 µm sterile filtered.
  • Provided in single-use bag containers.

These products are manufactured upon order (100 L minimum order quantity). HyClone 20% ethanol in single-use bags is well-suited for use with Cytiva's chromatography resins. 20% ethanol bulk liquid is available in volumes up to 200 L. Contact us for information around bag configurations or custom bulk formulations.

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Product Product Name Price
SH30926.01 20% Ethanol 1 L 321.00 USD Add to cart

In Stock Stock on request Limited stock

SH30926.07 20% Ethanol 200 L On Request
SH30926.06 20% Ethanol 100 L On Request
SH30926.03 20% Ethanol 10 L On Request
SH30926.04 20% Ethanol 20 L On Request
SH30926.05 20% Ethanol 50 L On Request
SH30926.02 20% Ethanol 5 L On Request

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