Microcarrier beads principally designed for use in suspension culture systems.

  • The macroporous structure of Cytopore microcarriers encourages cell growth into the bead, while the micropores provide maximum nutrient availability. The characteristics enable growth of cells which require high recirculation rates and high nutrient-availability.
  • Optimized for growth of r-CHO in stirred tank cultures but is applicable to cell lines requiring similar surface charge.
  • Transparent for easy microscopic examination of attached cells.

Macroporous Cytopore, microcarriers for cell culture

Cytopore1 macroporous microcarriers are principally designed for use in suspension culture systems for growth of adherent recombinant Chinese hamster ovary (r-CHO) cells, and the production of recombinant proteins.

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17091103 Cytopore 1 (Dry Powder) 500 g 20 000.00 USD Add to cart


17091102 Cytopore 1 (Dry Powder) 100 g 4 767.00 USD Add to cart


17091101 Cytopore 1 (Dry Powder) 20 g 1 147.00 USD Add to cart


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