Supplement glutamine synthetase and improve process yields.

  • Chemically defined (CD), animal-derived component-free (ADCF) formulation
  • Contains no L-glutamine
  • Developed to meet the supplement requirements of NS0 cells using the GS selection system

HyClone GS-Max supplement is a chemically defined, animal-derived component-free (ADCF) glutamine synthetase (GS) supplement specifically designed to be added to sterile liquid media at the time of use and as a fed-batch supplement.GS-Max supplement has been developed to meet the specific requirements of GS-NS0 cells, providing nutrients necessary for achieving high level of monoclonal antibody (MAb) production. The GS-Max supplement has been specifically formulated for use with HyClone CDM4NS0 medium and other serum-free media.

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Product Product Name Price
HyClone GS-Max - 100 mL
100 mL SH30586.01 82.91 USD Add to cart


HyClone GS-Max - 1000 mL
1000 mL SH30586.03 843.00 USD Add to cart


HyClone GS-Max - 500 mL
500 mL SH30586.02 332.00 USD Add to cart


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