• Real time data acquisition allows you to monitor the run status of any connected WAVE Bioreactor System 20/50 or System 200
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to four different instrument configurations enables faster data acquisition
  • A common control platform and user interface for all culture volumes simplifies scale-up
  • The results are stored in a secure and unalterable result file

UNICORN DAQ 1.0 software facilitates real time data acquisition for the management and evaluation of results from cell cultures performed using up to four different WAVE Bioreactor systems connected to a single PC. Instruments ranging from the WAVE Bioreactor 20/50 to the WAVE Bioreactor 200 can be connected directly or networked to the software providing a common control platform and user interface for monitoring and storing result data. A dynamic graphical user interface informs the user about the real time status of the run being monitored. During a run, data is automatically saved to a local hard drive or server in a secure and unalterable result file for added security.

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