We are no longer selling the DeltaVision OMX SR.  If you are interested in super-resolution microscopy, please consider Leica Microsystems, another Danaher OpCo. Application support and service has transitioned to Leica Microsystems. Please email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

The DeltaVision OMX SR is a compact imaging system specifically optimized to provide a stable platform for structured illumination microscopy (SIM) super resolution technology.

  • See beyond the norm – 3D SIM enables resolution improvements in x, y, and z directions.
  • Super-resolve live cells – 2D SIM and 2D SIM-TIRF imaging modes allow for dynamic super-resolution live-cell imaging.
  • Molecular imaging – localization microscopy option uses exclusive 2D multi-emitter fitting algorithms to reconstruct a super-resolved image.
  • More data from your sample – multiplex data acquisition with simultaneous multi-camera imaging.
  • Preserve cell viability – ultra-low light imaging combined with advanced deconvolution algorithm.
  • Capture dynamic processes – rapid image acquisition and stage automation.

Physiologically relevant, technically sound

Designed for biologists wishing to advance their research beyond what is possible with confocal microscopes, DeltaVision OMX SR improves spatial resolution by a factor of 2 in x, y, and z directions, enabling previously unseen detail to be obtained even in live samples.

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