Xuri Cell Expansion System W25 Cellbag Control Unit provides gas to the culture and monitors pH and/or dissolved oxygen.

  • Robust and reliable cell growth.
  • Suitable for process development, research, seed train, and cGMP manufacturing operations.
  • Sophisticated method editor supports bolus, continuous, and perfusion feed strategies.
  • Reliable temperature measurement from integrated sensors.
  • Accurate weight measurement from integrated load cells.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use.
  • UNICORN system control software.
  • Flexible single and dual operating modes.
  • Designed for mammalian and insect cell culture.
 Xuri W25 CBCU is a component of Xuri Cell Expansion System W25. The compact system contains a controller for mass flow, sensors for gas pressure and O2 and CO2 concentrations, and transmitters for pH and dissolved oxygen (DO). An optical fiber cable (Bag Sensor Adaptor 2.5m Assy Item) is delivered with the system.
Three Xuri W25 CBCU configurations are available:• Xuri W25 CBCU pH: For CO2, O2, and pH control.• Xuri W25 CBCU DO: For CO2, O2, and DO control.• Xuri W25 CBCU Full: For CO2, O2, pH, and DO control.

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Product Product Name Price
29064600 Xuri Cell Expansion System W25 Cellbag Control Unit pH On Request
29064599 Xuri Cell Expansion System W25 Cellbag Control Unit DO On Request
29064602 Xuri Cell Expansion System W25 Cellbag Control Unit Full On Request

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