VIA Thaw™ dry thawers provide automated, controlled, and consistent thawing of cellular products in cryobags. These instruments use a dry heat technology and multiple sensors to determine when thawing is complete, removing the uncertainties associated with non-controlled systems and manual operations. VIA Thaw™ systems can also be integrated with Chronicle™ automation software—allowing for user-customizable thawing profiles to be synchronized among multiple units, and for the generation of complete electronic batch records.

VIA Thaw™ units offer the following benefits:

  • Consistent, automated thawing: Automating thawing to an exact endpoint can maximize cell viability and minimize process variation and mishandling. Users can optimize thawing profiles and, through integration with Chronicle™ software, instantly share them to all linked units.
  • Multiple sizes: Dry thawing technology applies the same process to multiple bag brands and volumes, from 10 to 275 mL.
  • Scalable thawing: By connecting VIA Thaw™ instruments through Chronicle™ software, users can synchronize profiles to new VIA Thaw™ units when more thawing capacity is needed. Scale effectively, without changing processes.

Optimize and synchronize

All VIA Thaw™ units integrate with Chronicle™ automation software, which can be purchased separately. Use Chronicle™ software to define optimized, therapy-specific thaw profiles and synchronize them to all integrated VIA Thaw™ units to deliver thaw profiles across sites.

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