Determine the thaw endpoint precisely with VIA Thaw units. They combine automation with dry conduction thawing to avoid the subjectivity of manual methods. This technology also eliminates the contamination risk associated with water baths.

  • Controlled thawing. Protect your cell therapies by automating thawing to an exact endpoint.
  • Standardize thawing. Customize and store thaw profiles on each unit or within Chronicle software. Standardize by reliably delivering profiles between networked units.
  • Convenience. Eliminate water-borne contamination risks and streamline processes with dry thawing technology.
  • Complete visibility. Access digital thaw records from any web browser using Chronicle to inform and validate thawing processes.
  • Simplify record-keeping. Incorporate thaw processes and profile run data into a complete digital batch record within Chronicle.

Optimize and synchronize

All VIA Thaw units integrate with Chronicle automation software, which can be purchased separately. Use Chronicle during process development to define optimized, therapy-specific thaw profiles. Synchronize these to all integrated VIA Thaw units to deliver approved thaw profiles across sites.

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