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Overview of liquid chromatography

Liquid chromatography is a laboratory technique used to separate and analyze complex mixtures. This purification and analytical method is widely used in research, clinical labs, and biopharmaceutical production. It helps scientists to remove unwanted components from a target molecule and to check a sample’s purity.

Cytiva’s chromatography matrices

Some of our most well-known base matrices are based on agarose, used in the newer MabSelect™ family and Capto™ resins and our legacy Sepharose™ resins. These resins are used in biopharmaceutical applications around the world.

In addition to agarose-based resins, our portfolio of chromatography resins includes products based on dextran (Sephadex™ resins), polystyrene/divinyl benzene (SOURCE™ resins), cellulose (Sephacel™ resins), and polyacrylamide/allyldextran resins (Sephacryl™ resins).

We have also recently introduced a fiber chromatography technology based on electrospun cellulose fibers. Compared with traditional resin chromatography, Fibro chromatography offers improved productivity. Fibro PrismA is an attractive alternative to protein A resins at facilities that manufacture small batches of different monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) or mAb-derived molecules.

Protein purification by chromatography

Chromatography helps purify and isolate proteins based on characteristics such as shape, size, total charge, hydrophobic groups present on the surface, and binding capability with the stationary phase. Column chromatography is a widely used technique for protein purification. Scientists can perform this technique manually using a syringe or using an automated chromatography system with control software.

To complete your chromatography runs with ease and efficiency, equip your lab or facility with advanced systems, columns, and accessories. Consider whether you will also need reagents and supplies for sample preparation. Also consider buffer preparation and large-scale buffer management – does it make sense to buy buffers and process liquids in single-use bags or to prepare just-in-time buffers?

Chromatography supplies and accessories

To ensure the optimal functioning of chromatography columns and systems, we provide cables, pumps, fraction collectors, and other chromatography tools and accessories.

Chromatography columns

For those that choose to pack their own columns, we have a wide selection of empty chromatography columns available. Choose from a selection of materials including plastic and glass. Small columns are well-suited for research and process development, while larger sizes are suitable for manufacturing. However, proper packing is essential to get the desired result and a high level of skill is required. Plus, each column must be validated before use.

Our prepacked columns have several advantages. They are high-quality columns that are expertly packed. Every column goes through a strict quality control phase to ensure extremely low variations from batch to batch and they are already validated for use. Another advantage of prepackaged columns is that they are ready to go so get you up and running quickly. Simply wash out the preservatives, change the liquid phase to the buffer needed, and then add your sample.

Automated liquid chromatography

Purification can be done manually, using gravity or a syringe. This is an inexpensive but time-consuming option for smaller sample numbers and volumes during research. However, for larger samples, both in number and volume, automation has several benefits.

Automated purification greatly reduces the time it takes to prepare and run a sample. Operators can simply connect the column, start the program, walk away, and do something else while purification is in process.

Automated purification also means many samples can be purified at once without having to stand over the instruments. Plus, it gives more consistent results, reducing the variations and the risk of contamination that might occur if multiple operators were purifying samples manually.

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