f(x) prepacked and precharacterized chromatography columns give you faster and more reliable mechanistic modeling during downstream process development.

  • Precharacterized column — supplied with a Results of Analysis that provides you with column-specific data for use in mechanistic modeling workflow. Ensures accurate model parameter values and reduces the time you need for column characterization.
  • High-quality prepacked columns — packed with high-productivity BioProcess™ resin by Cytiva experts.
  • Lab-scale process development column format — resin packed in Tricorn™ 10/200 or 10/100 columns, which are tailored for experiments during process development and for process characterization.

f(x) columns for faster and more reliable mechanistic modeling results

To determine column parameters required for the model, you need to perform column characterization experiments. This takes time and requires expert knowledge to ensure that accurate parameter values are produced. With f(x) columns, your parameter values are instantly available, accurate, and include:

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Product Product Name Price
29716581 Capto™ S ImpAct Tricorn™ 10/100 f(x) 1 On Request
29716743 Capto™ S ImpAct Tricorn™ 10/200 f(x) 1 On Request
29716744 Capto™ SP ImpRes Tricorn™ 10/100 f(x) 1 On Request
29641492 Capto™ SP ImpRes Tricorn™ 10/200 f(x) 1 On Request

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