Mechanistic modeling of chromatography pictogram

Why choose this chromatography simulation software

  • Established. It’s tailored for and used by many biopharma companies for chromatography process development.
  • Efficient. Get started with just a few experimental calibration runs. That’s all you need to generate a digital twin of your bioprocess.
  • Economical. Save time and costs by cutting the number of lab experiments, while improving process understanding.
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Streamlined modeling workflow from project to simulation.
Collaboration and knowledge management: Shared databases within and between projects.
Encryption and secured data. Tamper-proof and back-traceable data and user management.
Visual tools for easy interpretation of simulation outputs to support the fulfilment of quality-by-design obligations.
Work together or in a team. Named users and change management enable full transparency on project progress.
Seamless lab integration through optimal linking to ÄKTA™ systems and UNICORN™ software.
Component-centric data structure enables plug and play with different methods, system parts, and columns.
Mechanistic modeling of chromatography pictogram - black
f(x) column with certificate and equation
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Product Product Name Price
29704323 GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software - Compute License 12 mo On Request
29704322 GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software - User Account 12 mo On Request
29704320 GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software - Standard License Package 36 mo On Request
29704293 GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software - Standard License Package 12 mo On Request
29704316 GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software - Standard License Package 24 mo On Request

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