ÄKTA pcc and BioProcess pcc chromatography systems are developed for purification of target proteins in continuous downstream processes using periodic countercurrent chromatography (PCC) at process development and manufacturing scales.

  • Intensified bioprocessing through the possibility of integrating upstream and downstream unit operations
  • Supports process intensification by reducing footprint, resin volume, and process time
  • Real-time monitoring, and control of process performance
  • Proven process scale-up from the smallest ÄKTApcc system to the largest BioProcess pcc ½ inch system
  • Well-suited to the purification of unstable molecules; the short turn-around time helps ensure stability of the target protein
  • ÄKTA pcc is operated using UNICORN™ control software for monitoring and control, and BioProcess pcc UNICORN or DeltaV™ control software

Compared with batch operations, continuous chromatography can offer significant productivity gains and increased production capacity, for example, through increased utilization of chromatography resin binding capacity, and reduced buffer, and smaller column size.

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Product Product Name Price
29457834 BioProcess pcc 1/2" 1 On Request
29457835 BioProcess pcc 1/4" 1 On Request
29457836 BioProcess pcc 3/8" 1 On Request
29457820 ÄKTA pcc 1 On Request

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