Next-generation flexibility

The ÄKTA process™ automated liquid chromatography system was designed for process scale-up and large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Choose from over a million possible configurations and add pumps, sensors, or inline dilution functionality as your process needs evolve.

Stack light for better​ visibility of real-time control system status
  • 3-wavelength UV instrument with linearity calibration
  • Readouts in AU and OD
EtherNet/IP™ based control architecture​
Intelligent Packing of AxiChrom™ columns​
Optional third pump supports inline dilution
Select from 0-2 filter connections​
Calibration of pH inline or offline and sensor traceability
UNICORN™ software or customized with other automation solution
Large waste cup with splash guard and higher bottom connection

Coming soon: the ÄKTA process™ CFG chromatography system with UNICORN™ software.

Available now: the ÄKTA process™ DCS, system customized with a distributed control system.

Improving usability, efficiency, and reliability were our focus when we designed the new ÄKTA process™ system. See how it compares to its predecessor.

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29692670 ÄKTA process™ DCS On Request

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