ÄKTAprime plus has been discontinued and is replaced with ÄKTA go. Service of ÄKTAprime plus is available until 30 June 2024. After this date, we offer service upon availability of parts from our suppliers.

  • ÄKTAprime plus chromatography systems were launched in year 2001 and have been used by researchers in thousands of laboratories around the world. After serving the market for many years, ÄKTAprime plus was discontinued on 30 June 2019.
  • ÄKTA go is the next-generation system. ÄKTA go is a small and compact liquid chromatography system that allows researchers to perform routine protein purification with ease while allowing for efficient use of bench and cold cabinet space. ÄKTA go has been developed for automated chromatography from the heritage of our fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) technology.
  • The robust and reliable system hardware and UNICORN™ control software is designed to work together with our prepacked columns and chromatography resins for an efficient and successful way to purify proteins. The system supports commonly used chromatography techniques in an easy and accessible manner.

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11001313 ÄKTAprime plus 1 Discontinued

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