Low-pressure chromatography columns, in sizes 300 to 1600 mm internal diameter (i.d.), offer automated column packing for process development or manufacturing. Preprogrammed packing methods improve accuracy and ease of use.

  • Scalable from process development to full-scale production on the same platform.
  • Intelligent Packing, a feature of AxiChrom Master, enables the automated column packing and delivers verified methods and simplified workflows. Optimized for modern chromatography resins, like Capto and MabSelect SuRe families.
  • Column tube swing out for easy and convenient access to bed supports and O-rings.
  • Design enabling easy sanitization with materials recognized for use in GMP environments.
  • Connect with slurry tank and chromatography system to create a closed system.
  • Wetted and pressure-retaining parts are traceable and polymers are approved according to USP class VI, 21 CFR 177 and Animal free origin or in compliance with EMEA/410/ Supported with IQ/OQ documentation packages.

Larger sized columns offered through CBS – Customized BioProcess Solutions

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Product Product Name Price
29457804 AxiChrom 450 450 mm On Request
29457806 Axichrom 1200 1200 mm On Request
29457827 Axichrom 1400 1400 mm On Request
29457822 AxiChrom 600 600 mm On Request
29457805 AxiChrom 300 300 mm On Request
29457824 AxiChrom 800 800 mm On Request
29457825 AxiChrom 1000 1000 mm On Request
29457823 Axichrom 1600 1600 mm On Request
29457826 AxiChrom 400 400 mm On Request

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