Columns designed for use with SOURCE 15 ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and reversed phase chromatography resins, as well as SOURCE 30 ion exchangers. Hydraulic packing creates outstanding efficiency levels.

  • Scalable from 35 mm to 350 mm.
  • Efficient and reproducible packing.
  • Installation and Operational Qualification Documentation Packages available.
  • Proven single inlet/outlet distribution with special multilayer bed supports for uniform flow at low back pressures.
  • Materials include electropolished stainless steel, calibrated borosilicate glass, and EPDM.
  • All polymeric materials are approved according to USP Class VI tests for toxicity.
  • Documentation to support validation delivered with the product.
  • Pressure rating up to 20 bar.

Specialized design for SOURCE resins

The FineLINE range of columns has been developed for use with all SOURCE resins. The novel, hydraulic packing method packs SOURCE resin in a matter of minutes, giving densely packed beds and very high packing efficiencies; more than 22000 plates/m with SOURCE 15 and more than 11000 plates/m with SOURCE 30.

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Product Product Name Price
11002784 FineLINE 350PL, EPDM, 2 µm On Request
11002798 FineLINE 100P On Request
11003114 FineLINE 200P On Request
11002790 FineLINE 350P, EPDM, 2 µm On Request
11002786 FineLINE 350PL, PFR, 2 µm On Request
11002785 FineLINE 350PL, EPDM, 10 µm On Request
11002787 FineLINE 350PL, PFR, 10 µm On Request
11002799 FineLINE 100PL On Request
11002793 FineLINE 350P, PFR, 10 µm On Request
11002792 FineLINE 350P, PFR, 2 µm On Request
18115299 FineLINE 70L On Request
18110202 FineLINE Pilot 35 Column On Request
11003115 FineLINE 200PL On Request
11002791 FineLINE 350P, EPDM, 10 µm On Request
18115298 FineLINE 70 On Request

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