General-purpose glass columns developed for process development and small-scale production. The columns are simple to use and versatile in application.

  • Scalable from inner diameters (i.d.) of 70 to 200 mm and bed volumes from 0.1 to 25 L.
  • Pressure rating: 3 bar.
  • For use with an array of techniques and chromatography resins, especially Sepharose Fast Flow.
  • Proven distribution system.
  • Dynamic axial compression yields densely packed, highly efficient beds.
  • Materials include electropolished stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and polymers.
  • Packing devices for longer bed heights.

Simple design, superb efficiency

INdEX columns are easy-to-use, general purpose, glass columns well-suited for applications such as process development and diagnostics production. These columns are characterized by their simple design and the novel, axial compression packing method that yields a densely packed bed in under 10 min.

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Product Product Name Price
18110416 INdEX 100/950 Column 950 mm 100 mm On Request
18110417 INdEX 200/500 Column 500 mm 200 mm On Request
18110418 INdEX 200/950 Column 950 mm 200 mm On Request
18111506 INdEX 70/500 Column 500 mm 70 mm On Request
18111507 INdEX 70/950 Column 950 mm 70 mm On Request
18111508 INdEX 140/500 Column 500 mm 140 mm On Request
18111509 INdEX 140/950 Column 950 mm 140 mm On Request
18110415 INdEX 100/500 Column 500 mm 100 mm On Request

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