HiTrap IgY Purification HP is a 5 mL column prepacked with Sepharose High Performance for fast and easy purification of IgY from egg yolk.

  • Each column binds IgY from a one-quarter portion of egg yolk (approx. 100 mg IgY). For greater capacity, several columns may be connected in series.
  • Packed with a thiophilic adsorption resin, the ligand, 2-mercaptopyridine is coupled to Sepharose High Performance.
  • Recovery and purity of IgY are excellent.
  • Can be operated with a liquid chromatography system such as ÄKTA design.
  • The top and bottom frits are manufactured from porous polyethylene
  • Connectors for usage with different chromatography systems and other equipment are included

HiTrap IgY Purification HP is packed with a thiophilic adsorption resin, 2-mercaptopyridine coupled to Sepharose High Performance. Thiophilic adsorption is promoted by water-structuring salts. It has been suggested that the interaction of IgY and ligand results from combined electron donating and accepting action of the ligand or, alternatively, a mixed mode hydrophilic-hydrophobic interaction.

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