These minicolumns are prefilled with MabSelect SuRe LX affinity chromatography resin for capture of mAb and Fc-fusion proteins. The resin offers high alkaline stability and high dynamic binding capacity for high upstream titers in bioprocessing.

  • Support high-throughput chromatography process development (HTPD) and scale-up, by allowing parallel screening of chromatographic conditions using a protein A minicolumn format and robotic workstation.
  • Facilitate chromatography resin screening of a wide range of parameters with small sample consumption.
  • Prepacked with protein A MabSelect SuRe LX resin.
  • Automation and parallel screening reduce experimental time and minimize hands-on time.
  • High-throughput workflow allows investigation of enlarged experimental workspace for better process understanding.

MabSelect SuRe LX builds on the proven track record of MabSelect and MabSelect SuRe resins in commercial monoclonal antibody and Fc-fusion protein purification.

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28997451 PreDictor RoboColumn MabSelect SuRe LX, 600 μL 600 µL 416.80 USD Add to cart


28997440 PreDictor RoboColumn MabSelect SuRe LX, 200 μL 200 µL 416.80 USD Add to cart


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